WE oppose "the view" condo


More than 100 of our neighbors attended the Public Hearing of the LA County Regional Planning Commission on Wednesday, August 2, 2017, and gave compelling fact-based testimony to represent the community's interests. Although the Regional Planning Commission voted 3–1 to approve the developer's application, we remain committed to protecting our community from dangerous out-of-scale developments like "The View" 65-foot condo project proposed for the site at 5101 Overhill Drive.

UHA II representatives originally met with LA County Regional Planning staff and representatives of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas to discuss our concerns about "The View" on May 22, 2017.  As a result of our efforts, the May 31st public hearing on the project was continued to August 2nd. (We also previously met with the developer at the County's request, and the developer did not accept any of our community's suggested modifications to the project.)

We invite you to view the full video of the August 2nd Public Hearing of the LA County Regional Planning Commission. Please note that community members offered more than 70 public comments, and the hearing lasted more than 3 hours!

UHA II will appeal the Regional Planning Commission's decision to approve "The View" condo project, which will require the L.A. County Board of Supervisors to hold a public hearing on "The View." We need to make sure our elected representative hears directly from as many residents as possible to help him understand how negatively this project would impact our community. Take a few minutes to share your opinion on this project with Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and his staff:

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas:

MarkRidley-Thomas@lacounty.gov  |  213-974-2222

David Riccitiello

DRiccitiello@bos.lacounty.gov  |  213-974-2222

Charles Turner

CTurner@bos.lacounty.gov  |  213-974-2222

Omar Prioleau

OPrioleau@bos.lacounty.gov  |  213-974-9292