We encourage all residents to get involved in the important work UHA II is doing to address key challenges that affect our community in unincorporated Windsor Hills, View Park, View Heights, and surrounding neighborhoods. Become a voting UHA II member today by submitting your $100 annual dues payment. As a dues-paying member, your household will be eligible to vote and participate in UHA II member events. Member dues are used to support the good work that UHA II continues to do to improve and directly benefit our entire community.


We can accomplish anything once we commit to doing what is best for the entire community. When we put ourselves in our neighbors’ shoes and think about how we would feel if vehicles were speeding up and down the street in front of your home where your children or grandchildren play, or if developers were trying to build a huge commercial building right next to your backyard and the neighborhood elementary school, the reasons to come together and work in unity for our community become very clear. Thank you for your support!

The UHA II Community Development Fund will help us support smart development in our neighborhoods.

Based on the generosity of our members, neighbors, and supporters, in 2019 UHA II successfully overturned the entitlements granted by LA County to the developer of “The View” condos at Overhill & Stocker because the County did not properly consider the cumulative traffic and circulation impacts that this massive 88-unit luxury condo project would have on our community.  We expect that "The View" will come up again for consideration, and we need make sure that this project and all other future development in our community conforms to local zoning laws and does not impose harmful unmitigated impacts on our environment.

You can help create the smart development we need, such as increased investment and improvements to the business corridor along Slauson Avenue. We started the UHA II Community Development Fund to support positive development that serves the needs of our community without harming our environment. This is an ongoing community development fund that will help protect the character, environment, and safety of our community for years to come. Our winning effort against “The View" was only the beginning of our "smart community development" efforts. We appreciate your continued support!